Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men Mark 1:17

Calvary Chapel loves to reach out to others!  We want with all our hearts to share the hope, the joy and the love we have found in knowing Jesus Christ.   So we love outreach!  And all kinds of it!

We think of the matter in two ways. First, we seek to equip as many fisherman as we can on how to "line" fish. In other words, we train people to labor among their personal sphere of family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances - to catch others for Christ.  One way we do that is through our Calvary Chapel E-Group (evangelism).  This is a group that meets monthly on Sunday's after church to encourage, equip and assist each other in our personal efforts to "Do the work of an evangelist."

Second, we dream up, plan and carry out regular (at least quarterly) local outreaches to reach out to adults, or teens or children, or all of the above by many creative and engaging ways. Sometimes it's on our property through an outreach event.  But mainly we head out to neighborhoods or special spots where we seek to do a wide variety of things involving blessing others, but always involving sharing the gospel.

Want more information?  Just call the church office or drop an email to and we'll be happy to provide it!  If you want to be a part of outreach, we want you on our team!